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Truth Be Told Polygraph®, LLC
provides ethical and unbiased polygraph examinations. In addition to your law enforcement, legal and civil polygraph needs, we provide infidelity, family and relationship lie detector tests. We evaluate each individual case and use the appropriate method of testing for your important issue.

We offer polygraph examinations for:
Law Enforcement Pre-employment and Criminal Specific-Issue Testing
Immigration/Political Asylum Credibility Assessments
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Compliance Verification
Infidelity and Honest Statement Verification Testing
Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT)
Employee Initiated Theft Allegation Testing
EPPA-compliant Pre-employment Testing
EPPA-compliant Employee Theft Testing
Drug Related Issues

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Los Angeles County Offices
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Truth Be Told Polygraph®, LLC
1033 East Imperial Hwy., Suite E-10 #D, Brea, CA 92821

PH: (562) 900-5366
FX: (714) 882-5130